Structured Query Language - (SQL) is the language you use to interact with Oracle databases. SQL is a non-procedural language – you specify the data you want but not how Oracle should retrieve it. SQL is standardized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Oracle’s SQL meets ANSI standards.

PL/SQL – Oracle’s proprietary, procedural extension to SQL that gives you procedural control structures like WHILE loops and IF statements.   

SQL*Plus – The Oracle tool commonly used to interact with Oracle databases. With SQL*Plus you can run all SQL statements, PL/SQL programs, format query results, and administer the database. SQL*Plus has its own commands to format query results and manage the SQL*Plus session and environment. SQL*Plus commands are not part of the SQL language, but are unique to SQL*Plus.

iSQL*Plus – A web interface for SQL*Plus, new in Oracle9i.

The Exam does not cover PL/SQL, but it does cover SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus.

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