5) Amazone money (Work at home cont...) 
 Minimum requirement
Internet connection 
Credit card
How do I earn?
You can become an associate of Amazone.com and it's free. 
After that you can sell Amazone products through your site.
You will get the commission for that. 
You need credit card to buy your own domain name.
Also you need to buy webhosting space.
Also there are free tools that setup Amazone store.
So you don't need to know programming.
 Sample site use the freekrai's free tool-  
How It works?
1. Register a Domain name from  domain register site.
2. Buy web space from a web hosting company.
3. Download Free AWS(Amezone web service) tool .
   There are good free sites.
	 * www.freekrai.net
	 * www.mrrat.com
www.freekrai.net tool - you need apache webserver  ,No need any database .

www.mrrat.com         - you need apache webserver  and mysql database .

4. Become an amezone associate. It's free . Go to www.amezone.com and register.

After you setup you can promote the site.
When visitors buy items through your site you will get a commission.
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